Dutch circular saw blade manufacturer Kinkelder BV again has earned a spot in the MT/Sprout Maakindustrie100 2021 at number 80 (Knight Acquisition B.V.).

Every year, MT/Sprout, in collaboration with CFI Netherlands, selects the 100 best-performing manufacturing companies in the Netherlands with a turnover of 500 million euros. The overview consists of manufacturing companies with a Dutch parent company that manufacture and supply products to other companies (B2B) and directly to consumers (B2C). Food producing companies are not included in this list. Publicly available information is used in compiling the list.

For the realization, CFI Netherlands selected the 300 largest SME manufacturing industry companies. These are then ranked according to four criteria:

  1. Turnover 2020 (including change in work in progress)
  2. Turnover growth 2016– 2020 (in %)
  3. Average EBIT 2016–2020 (in %)
  4. Average ROIC 2016–2020 (in %)
    ROIC stands for Return On Invested Capital, whereby the EBIT is compared to the capital that is in the company.

Four rankings were made on the basis of the four criteria. The companies then received points for their place in the ranking. These points are added together to give one total score. If companies end up ex aequo, the 2020 turnover will be the deciding factor.

Please click here to view the full Maakindustrie Top 100 list of 2021 on the MT/Sprout website (in Dutch).